Making command prompt fullscreen easily

It is pretty easy to make your command prompt window fullscreen. With these few simple steps, the commandprompt will overtake your screen.
Making the command prompt full screen is really simple. In fact, it does not even require a post on it's own nor any codes, but I am doing it for the sake of organization.

There are two ways to make the command prompt fullscreen. The first (and most popular way) is to press alt (right or left alt, doesn't matter) and enter simultaneously. Please note the cmd window must be open at the time, or it will not work. The second way is to open a command prompt window. Upon opening the window, right click on the action bar above the window and select properties. A dialog box should appear on your screen above the command prompt. In the Display Options box, there are two options, Window and Full Screen. Click on full screen and then hit Ok. The console window should be full screen.

To exit fullscreen mode, simply press alt and enter simultaneously. In addition, any event that happens outside of the command prompt may cause it to go back to windowed mode.

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